Patron: HRH Prince Charles

The SDHBS encourage their members to join CHeCS health schemes to raise the value of their breeding herds.

The five diseases tackled by the CHeCS Cattle Health Schemes are BVD, Johnes, IBR, Lepto and neospora, and the Schemes enable members to take steps to eliminate the diseases, and therefore to reduce economic losses, to increase productivity, and to increase the sale value of breeding animals. One or more diseases can be tackled as appropriate for individual herds. Advice is also available on improving biosecurity

For further information please contact (HiHealth Herdcare) or (Premium Cattle Health Scheme), or any of the other licensed CHeCS scheme providers.

A credit of £5 per pedigree registration is refunded against registrations made during a maximum 2 year period by Society members who are also members of a CHeCS approved health scheme and who are screening for Johnes Disease.

See more information on the Sale page.